Lewes Light 2018

Light art installation for Lewes Light festival


The Magic Circle’s Lost Trees is a light art installation we created for Lewes Light 2018, designed and created by us with construction and assembly assistance and support from Russell Beck and LYT Productions.

Tucked away behind Lewes castle, lies a long forgotten peace garden, the creation of Castle Gate House resident and author, Frank Frankfort Moore.
Local legends name the site as a place of witchcraft and sorcery, which inspired Frankfort Moore to create his own homage to ancient worship, a circle of towering trees. Today, all but two of the trees have long been lost to the passage of time, but amongst the tumbledown walls and creeping ivy, hints of lost splendour and whispers of magic remain.

Our installation was accompanied by a specially composed soundtrack by artist and musician Nigel Goss which is shown in the video link below.

James McCauley Photography