Grand Designs Live 2017 by Susan Lake

Susan appeared at Grand Designs Live 2017, offering lighting consultations in the 'Ask An Expert' area of the Kitchen Advice Centre. Susan spent the day offering guidance and advice on some fantastic self-build properties, kitchen extensions, renovations and dream home ideas. What an inspiring day, meeting so many wonderful people and having the chance to listen to their ideas and help make a difference to their projects.

We were able to review their projects and provide ways to enhance projects through integrated and concealed lighting design. We can't wait to see the results later in the year!

The whole show was a fantastic experience and we were honoured to be asked to attend. Grand Designs Live is brilliantly organised and brings together every conceivable element for self-builds and home improvements. Susan and the team are looking forward to 2018 already!

Lewes Light Festival 2016 by Susan Lake

Susan attended a light tour, part of Lewes Light, festival of light and was very inspired by the installations around the town. The town had been transformed with the clever use of light to highlight significant historical events throughout the town. 

There was a particularly ethereal quality to the church yard installation which allowed visitors to be immersed in the light and music installation. 

We look forward to visiting the festival next year and highly recommend it.

Sleep Set 2016 Bivouac by Susan Lake

Susan Lake Lighting Design has been collaborating with Aukett Swanke to design the lighting scheme for their Sleep Set concept room Bivouac for the Sleep exhibition 2016.  

Aukett Swanke's concept for the Sleep Set 2016 is,
"Bivacco Bivouac Bivaque
Aukett Swanke have designed a completely immersive environment for the 2016 Sleep Set. Our
‘Sensation Oriented’ guest travels – often in groups – to affirm their values and aspirations, and this
room offers an escape to their real life, not from it. It offers a carefully calibrated combination of spatial and sensory experiences which are both personal and social; this is a room in which to retreat
and to come together. We are working with subtle challenges to the senses – sight, sound and touch – through the imaginative use of lighting, materials, acoustics and soft furnishings. This will encourage our guest to think about how they use and reconfigure the room, offering the opportunity to create their own reality – even if just for a night. 

This room could be anywhere, but while you are in it, you can only be here." 

We have been working together to create a unified design. 

The Sleep exhibition is held at the Business Design Centre London on 22nd and 23rd November 2016. Please come along and see our Sleep Set.